Birth & Postpartum support for NYC families

Kim is a birth and postpartum doula who trained and is certifying with Doula Trainings International. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden and after time spent living in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France, her studies brought her to the United States. 

While pregnant with her first child, Kim found herself called to use her journalism degree to research every possible birthing option in a place where she felt there was often a general lack of knowledge. Empowered and uplifted by the birth of her son, she knew her true calling lay within the birthing world and by helping to offer a sense of community in a big city where many, including herself, live far from their families. By becoming a doula, Kim is able to share her vast scope of birthing knowledge and provide vital emotional and physiological support, while instilling a sense of calm and organization over this life-changing process. 

Kim supports every type of birthing person and honors that the journey is different for everyone. She has an astute cultural sensitivity and a first-hand knowledge of other countries which makes her a perfect match for the diversity of New York. Kim is also a fluent French, Swedish and Spanish speaker and can work as a doula for those who do not speak English. 

Kim lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.