Birth & Postpartum support for NYC families

Why Hire a Birth Doula?

Think of the birth doula as your anchor during labor. I work with all families, those planning a natural, cesarean or VBAC delivery, whether at home, in a birthing center or in a hospital environment. I am a calm, supportive and gentle presence during your pregnancy and birth. I am a fountain of information and references to help you make your own informed decisions. I am a guide for you and your partner to learn supportive techniques for before, during and after labor. I am there to make you all feel safe, comfortable and heard. 

Birth doula services include two prenatal meetings where we learn about the preferences you are interested in, practice techniques during labor, discuss lactation and other postpartum needs. 

I attend your labor at your chosen location and remain with you to help with initial breastfeeding and recovery. This also includes one postpartum visit at home in the week after birth. I am available for phone calls, texts and emails with questions you may have during this period.